Book Worms – New Horror Zine

Book Worms, a new mail-order only horror zine, is now available for purchase online and at selective indie book stores. If you like old-school fan zines, check out Book Worms for only $5 an issue (USA shipping cost included). In Book Worms you’ll find engaging articles, reviews, short stories, puzzles, art, and all kinds of (cheap) horror fun!

SCAN CODE to BUY or click
on image to access link!

Write for Book Worms!

We are looking for summer-themed fiction, essays, and book reviews (new fiction only). If you’ve previously submitted a story you think fits the summer horror theme, please send me an email with the title of your story and I’ll take a look. Email is:

Mail new horror fiction and essays under 1500 words to:

La Regina Studio/Grundy Commons/925 Canal Street/Bristol, PA 19007

Check out our new Book Worms Horror Writing Podcast!

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